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BoattestLEASING allows you to match the boat usage you want with your boating budget and minimize the hidden costs and hassle of operation. Pick the plan below that’s best for you.

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Lease/Charter Opportunities

Enjoy the boating lifestyle, without the hassle. A low down payment, and easy monthly payments put you behind the wheel of a quality vessel.

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Buy, Use & Lease/Charter

Own a managed, premium boat and use it as much as you like. We market, manage, and maintain the boat for you, and you earn income when the boat is otherwise idle.

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Affiliated Dealers

Sell boats to consumers as always, then offer owners who need extra income a way to cover their annual operating costs and mitigate normal depreciation. Our program offers more options to your customers.

Edgewater 370CC Lease

Location: Riviera, Florida

For Charter or Lease

The Edgewater 370CC is one of the best boats in class. She’s powered by triple 300-hp Yamaha engines, and is equipped with a Seakeeper 3 gyro, air conditioning, a diesel generator and a cabin for 2.

At A Glance

55 MPH
Top Speed

289 SM
Best Cruise

16 Person

Lease the Pursuit P266 from FractionalBoat.com

Location: St. Petersburg, Florida

For Charter or Lease

The Pursuit DC266 Dual Console is one of the best boats built in class. She’s incredibly versatile and fully outfitted for cruising, entertaining, fishing and watersports. You’ll enjoy her comfortable ride and ease of operation.

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At A Glance

49 MPH
Top Speed

292 SM
Best Cruise

21 Degrees

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The Pursuit DC266 Dual Console
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