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Today, boating is a luxury few can afford because of high cost or limited leisure time. Our leasing program changes that by allowing you to match your time available with your budget for boating recreation. You can now enjoy the boating lifestyle for a fraction of the cost of ownership, without the worry of expensive maintenance.

Today, over 31% of the automobiles on the road are leased, and most of them are expensive, prestigious brands. Leasing is simply less costly than ownership for people not planning on holding a car for the long term. Further, with warranties running to three years, owners avoid the risk of high cost maintenance and parts replacement.

The same is true for boats. We have taken virtually all of the advantages from auto leasing and incorporated them in our fractional leasing program. Because the lease term is 48 months, leaseholders can move on to another boat as their family grows or their interests change – or leave boating without the worry of depreciation loss or the hassle of selling.

Fractional Leasing Advantages

Pursuit DC266 Lease Available
Boats lined up on a beach

Our shared access program is designed for boaters who want the very best in boating amenities, comfort, usage, and safety which provides a high-value boating experience.


  • 12 to 48 month lease
  • Affordable down payment
  • One monthly invoice
  • Less costly than owning
  • Full day usage
  • Only Premium Boats Leased
  • Electric flush toilets
  • Cruising Canvas equipped
  • Boating & vessel operating education
  • All regular maintenance is included
  • Easy reservations
  • All slip rental and insurance included
  • No debt, no depreciation, no hassle
  • Concierge service available
  • Premium marina & location
  • Handy gas dock & pump out
  • No onerous credit checks
  • Transferrable with BoattestLEASING’s permission

Here’s How Our leasing Program works

  1. Pick the number of annual usage days you want
    Annual available days start at 10 days, minimum, and go up from there. Typically, leases range from 15 to 40 days a year.
  2. Lease terms run from 1 year to 4 years.
    The longer the lease, the more economical the cost.
  3. A low down payment secures the lease hold
    Typically, when financed, lenders require a 20% to 30% down payment. Lease hold down payments are a fraction of that amount.
  4. One monthly lease payment covers all expenses
    Including the lease hold, maintenance, slip rental, insurance, haul outs, bottom painting and cleaning, reservation services, 24/7 boat monitoring, and much more.
  5. Free boat operation, orientation and boating safety course
    Required for every family member who intends to drive the boat. This typically lasts 4 to 5 hours, and refresher courses can be scheduled any time for no cost.
  6. Typically, the only additional expenses are fuel and ice
    Our team will fill the tanks and pump out the holding tank for cost plus a small service fee.
  7. After the lease term is up, just turn in the keys and walk away
    Don't worry about preparing the boat for sale, then waiting months or years for someone to buy it.
  8. Licensed captains are available
    With 48-hour notice licensed captains are available to drive the boat for party-hearty outings, and also a fishing guide/captain is available for fishing expeditions, with 7 days notice.
  9. Enjoy the boat your way
    Without the time-consuming work, heavy expense, and boat depreciation, leasing provides peace of mind and goes easy on your budget.

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